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Very Large Set - SR.jpg

24m Screen - Large Event

This set is designed for high impact events, capable of  audiences of over 500 seated cabaret style.


With multiple picture sources, it is very impacting and can easily handle 16 picture in picture layers, including virtual attendees, live camera and presentations all at once.

Tension Graphic Set A1 copy.jpg

Tension Print - Portable Events

These tension print backdrop solutions are a wonderful solution for smaller events, reception areas, or virtual conference backdrops.

Costing a fraction of the cost of a normal set, instantly brandable, totally interchangeable and always top quality time after time.

8ft Set - SC.jpg

Intermediate Event - Supersize TVs

Rather than projection, these 4k 95" TVs are a superbright solution, with no front or rear projection problems, you can book a low ceiling height smaller event space and it will still work brilliantly.

Presenters have freedom to roam and the content is super clear.

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