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Hybrid Events

Hybrid covers many aspects, but we have solutions for all.

Live Anywhere... We build your event in your venue bringing our production team... we have a complete modular package enabling part audience/part stream anywhere across Europe.

Green screen studio... we film over a green screen backdrop, we can place your presenters into any environment. This can be live, presenters can see the live stream of themselves on our 90" screens, or we can edit footage post filming.

Green Screen Studio

chris static for website 1920.jpg

Selectbrief can create a green screen studio anywhere, several locations at the same time, all created from our modular set-up.

Present live, but on a virtual set, from anywhere in Europe.

Live Anywhere

led studio picture of Paul.jpg

We have the ability to build this anywhere, your presenters can present with a live audience and have the same look and feel as those watching on video conference.

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