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Virtual Conference

These are solutions that you can use straight off the shelf, but with Selectbrief hosting, you are guaranteed bandwidth, video playback and confident stage management of presenters and audience.


We host all your content on our servers, ensuring no bandwidth issues, we control all mics and video bringing presenters to virtual stage and giving them remote control of content, with video introduction for all.


We can get all your video content to playback seamlessly, we can extend MS TEAMS to over 300 delegates without the need for streaming through LIVE, we host all the content, multi picture presenters and give remote control.

Google Hangouts 

We can get all your video content to playback seamlessly, we create extended presentation areas, so presenters see presenters in multi-screen, we offer live Q&A and chat through facilitation.

Live Stream

As a full production service, we can take video from anyone, anywhere and create a live mix on screen for your virtual event.

Enabling any combination of live picture in picture, full animation and sizing. This solution gives your event the edge with full TV production titling and professional branding.


Microsite Screenshot.png

Selectbrief create your micro-site unique for your event, it can be hosted on your own domain or given a specific event address. Host all your links to the show, biographies and agendas, include sponsorship and drive footfall.


chris static green screen stage.jpg
accord app - 2021 montage.png

Utilise an App so that your delegates have all the event resources at their fingertips. With surveys, agendas and biogs, plus many more options. Push notifications and networking are unique to this platform.

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