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Experiential Experiences

Having the ability to explore - touch and feel - in a virtual world is key to delegate engagement.

Haemostasis Analysers

Selectbrief were tasked with re-creating a 3d experiential object of the latest haemostasis analyser...  we created the analyser for it's product launch.

Invited delegates were able to explore in their own time the machines capabilities.

Interaction enabled the clients to open doors, lift casing, run animated sequences.

A virtual room worked alongside so that in real time delegates could ask questions.


Accord Maze.png

We created a maze for Accord, where delegates task was to find the General Secretary, if they made it to the end, they got a very special video message.

To ensure delegates remained engaged we made this experience very special, with spatial sounds, and objects they could pick up... in this image although reaching a dead-end delegates had a table full of branded goodies, with a4 literature, water bottle, pen and bag - all branded of course

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