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LED Walls

LED walls offer exceptional brightness indoors and outdoors.

Utilised to make continuous seamless screens, there is very little space required for the build (unlike rear projection)

LED walls can be curved, built in sections, flown and 3 dimensional.


Offering unrivaled brightness and strength there really is no alternative to an LED wall... we can build these to literally any size.

Watch out for pixel pitch - this is the space between each LED, the lower the pixel pitch the better the quality... the screens we use are currently 2.6 pixel pitch.

Kier Awards Show

Landmark Hotel - London

Tasked with creating a huge screen capable of live video and full awards presentation


Due to ceiling height restrictions and fitting a substantial audience into the room - projection was quickly ruled out.


Selectbrief opted for LED built into a white framed set.


All lighting and audio was flown in the venue and the animated presentation you see on the screen was produced by our own studio

Women of the Year Show

The Woman of the Year show which features on ITV the Lorraine Show Selectbrief completed for more than ten continuous years.

The event was moved to Intercontinental Park Lane, the pillars and low ceiling height created challenges for a high profile event of celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Kidman, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall | Prince of Wales.

Selectbrief designed a huge 13 metre wide LED wall with matching stage all audio and lighting was flown.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

porsche goodwood LED v2.jpg

Porsche launched the new 911 GT2 RS at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Selectbrief created on the Goodwood track a ramped stage for Mark Webber to drive the car onto after completing circuits of the track.

All beamed live onto the LED wall, with audio from Mark's microphone in the car.

The LED wall was a purpose built structure, outdoors able to withstand wind and rain.

Kier Awards Show Landmark LED.jpg
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