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Multi-Projector Blend

Multi-projector blends are the original way of creating enormous screens.

The quality will surpass LED and the cost will be lower. It is still a highly valued part of our event solutions.

We create multi-picture in picture layers, with full screen animations guaranteed to wow your audience.

Don't think 12ft screen - 10ft screen - 8ft screen, think 8 metres wide, think 13 metres wide, go larger... create an impact,
don't deliver a "I know you can't see this show"


Sustainability Set

This huge multi-projector blend was created alongside the printed backdrop and stage props... including grass - to showcase sustainability in the SKODA brand.

With cars in the conference hall, all audio and lighting was flown ensuing delegates have a completely clear space to concentrate solely on the designed screen content.


blend - barclaycard birmingham.jpg

Hilton Birmingham Metropole

This room is 100ft by 100ft and Selectbrief wrapped the complete room in print, with curved access points.

At each end of the room were huge 40ft screens with full blended content.. all designed and produced by Selectbrief.

The central stage in white was lit from above with additional audience lighting

Macmillan Cancer Research

blend - macmillan.jpg

Day and Night Event

This 8 metre wide screen built into a neutral set allowed for a dynamic change from day to night.

For the duration of the day event, the delegates were focused on the screen content, designed and produced by Selectbrief.

The set and room was transformed for the evening awards, within 45 minutes.

skoda 8m set screen plants - dark - crop
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