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Projection Mapping

Mapping projectors to 3d objects is something Selectbrief have specialised in since 2012

Any surface can be made to come alive with projection and animation, seamlessly changing through your event.

Projection mapping outside, especially to building structures will make a fantastic showpiece entrance point, with mapped people at the windows and mapped lift animated sequences creating an amazing delegate experience.

As projection mapping outside only works at night-time, Selectbrief have created set designs that we map projection onto.

There are two versions of the same set used below for Vision Express and Dominos.

Vision Express

Celtic Manor - Projection Mapping

This huge structure was created using traditional set build, then projection goo was applied giving a fantastic projection and lighting surface.

The video above was created by Selectbrief's own animation studio and we mapped the animation to the 3d sections of the set creating an amazing live delegate experience.

Wait for the video end for the showpiece entrance as the CEO comes through the set to stage.


Domino's used exactly the same set at Liverpool ACC for their awards night.

The BIG Difference is Domino's wanted the set to be the screen throughout,


For the 1,000 delegates we mapped the animation to the entire set for the night.

proejction mapped - dominos v3.jpg
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