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Supersize TVs

Utilising supersize TVs for production should not be underestimated.

Selectbrief have constantly revolutionised the use of TVs to give our clients an advantage both in cost and quality.

Selectbrief designed a tall stand that enabled 65" TVs to be delivered and installed safely by one operative, saving our clients and ourselves substantial costs. 

We face mount onto out sets 95" TVs given you a 7ft wide 4k resolution super bright image with no need for projection.

This means smaller venues can be utilised.


TVs experian - Run Live.jpg

Experian used the Village hotel local to their headquarters in Nottingham for their Run Live event. The venue had never before been able to fit so many delegates with a full set, stage and screens... it was meticulously planned, the design and layout of the room being approved well in advance.

We face mounted identical 80" TVs to the set and even mounted an audience camera (seen mounted on the pink section) for our own version of best seats in the house.


TVs - cupra.jpg

Simplicity and cleanliness is key when using showroom space for events.

A tension print CUPRA backdrop 6m wide with a 4m stage and identical 75" screens matching perfectly creats a very cost effective presentation solution at under £1,000.

Grand Ballroom - Langham

tvs uplighting pillars - value

When working at some of the best hotels in the world it is important to blend AV into the surroundings... this elegant dinner was arranged at London's Langham.

The guest speaker was able to wander through the ballroom on microphone, with their presentation on the ten 65" screens we installed in the hall.

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